Monday, June 2, 2014

Fox cuteness!

 I had a request for a fox sweater that I never posted.  (unless you follow me on facebook then you might have seen it) I love custom orders because I get to be creative but there is a little anxiety because you never know if they will like it.  I think this one turned out pretty fun. (I altered a pattern from this cute shop)
and the full set

I had a recent etsy order for one of my fox newborn sets and thought I would share a little from my shop.
Here's the fun photos from Red Barn Photography of this prop in action.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crochet double strand headband pattern

 My little girl needed a bow or something to match her outfit (okay she didn't need one but that is one of the fun parts of having a little girl right?!?)  While digging through the several we already have she surprisingly doesn't have any red bows.  Well I had a few minutes so I decided to make one that matches perfectly.  It seriously took about 15 minutes start to finish and part of that time was picking the right colors and figuring out the design.  It turned out so cute and the possabilities are endless.

 You need:
H hook (larger or smaller if you want a different size)
2 colors of worsted weight yarn
glue gun
felt circle 

1st color (I used pink)
1. Ch 3 sl st in 1st chain
2. 6 sc in center, sl st to 1st sc
(change colors)
3. ch 3, (2 dc, ch 2, sl st) in same st., *(ch 2,  2 dc, ch 2, sl st) in next st.* repeat 3 more times (5 petals total.  sl st. to 1st ch. 3.  fasten off.

measure child's head and subtract 1
chain to desired length and sl st to 1st ch.  (mine was 70)
chain same number and sl st to starting ch 1. fasten off
*you will have what looks like two loops connected in 1 spot.  Hot glue your flower to the headband.  use a small dot of glue to spread the two strand apart (see picture below) 
 cover with felt circle and you are done!
 You now have a cute and easy headband that can be made to match any outfit.
If you have any questions or something isn't clear please don't hesitate to ask.  I would love to see pictures if you decide to make one-leave a link in the comments or post a picture on my facebook page :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby Loafers

These are my favorite shoes and I'm so excited I finally had time to make some for my little girl. 

You can find them in my etsy shop here.  Perfect for boys or girls.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dr. Seuss printable

We are starting a Dr. Seuss theme week!  Here's a fun printable I am going to display all week.  It goes perfect with this FHE idea we are going to use tonight.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My body is created in God's image Sharing Time

 This is for February week 3 but would be great for Family Night too..  You can find the outline here.  Click on any of the images and save to your computer.  You should then be able to print them.

I am going to start the same way as the outline.  I am going to have a few kids take turns holding a mirror and describe what they see  (eyes, ears, mouth, and so on). Explain that what they saw was an “image” of themselves.

Then have someone read Genesis 1:27.

Explain that God has eyes, ears, a mouth, and so on, and that is why we do too. We are created in his image

Put this sign on the board

I found this fun idea here. "Invite a child up front and stand behind them. Hold up one of the pictures below. The child up front will call on Primary friends who can give them a clue to help them guess whats one the the picture behind them.  once they figure out the answer ask, “How does Heavenly Father want you to use or take care of this part of your body?”

M&M experiment (If you do this make sure you have enough for all the children.  Bring individual packs or let them take a few from the bowl on the way out)
1. Open bag of M&M's and put them in a bowl. Blindfold one child and then take one M&M out of the bag. Show everyone else in the family the color.
2. Hand it to the blindfolded child. let them eat it and have them guess which color it is.
3. Do this five different times, keeping track of how often they are right.
4. Switch players and repeat if time.
5. Talk about the colors on the outside of the M&M made no difference to what was inside. They were all the same, even though the outsides were different. Just like we are all Heavenly Father's children regardless of what we look like.

Each of us is a child of god. We are created in heavenly fathers image. And yet each of us is different. Some have blue eyes, some green. Each face is unique. We act differently too. Some are good in sports others music. We all have special talents. (found here)

If time let children draw self portraits and write why they are special (or you can send it home with them). Use the handout below. 

I liked how Sofia's primary ideas ended her sharing time. "People are all created differently, but no matter what.... we can be who God wants us to be!! We were created in His image."

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meal Plan week 2

Tuesday- Enchilada soup
Wednesday-Hamburgers, fries, and pasta salad
Thursday-chicken and broccoli casserole, rolls, and salad
Friday-Pizza and homemade bread sticks
Saturday-No time to cook chicken, rolls, and mash potatoes

I'll be sharing these recipes a little later

What on your menu this week?

February Visiting Teaching Handout

Here's a little handout that goes along with this month's Visiting teaching message.  I included two of my favortie quotes from the message.  What a great reminder for us to love and serve others.
To use right click and copy and save or print (it is size as a 5x7 print).  Or you can copy and paste into a word docutment.  Size and print.  I like to do this and fit two per page.
You can find the full message here.

Little Reminders

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