Friday, March 4, 2016

Dr. Seuss Dinner and a Movie Night

I really love family movie nights.  Its a fun and relaxing way to hang out together.  I try to do it at least a couple times a month.  Most of the time we have popcorn and snuggle up but every once in a while I like to kick it up a notch and do a theme night.  

It was Dr. Seuss's birthday this week so it was the perfect excuse to watch one of our favorites, Horton Hears a Who.  Before the movie we had a fun themed dinner.  Green eggs (deviled eggs) and "Ham"burgers.  For the green eggs make your favorite deviled eggs and add a little green food coloring to the mixture.  Its a quick and easy meal.  I even made a cute menu to display.  (click on the picture to print your own menu)

I'd planned to serve the treats during the movie but everyone was full.  No problem!  We used them today during a read-a-thon.  The kids grabbed pillows, blankets, books, and their Dr. Seuss treats and read wherever they wanted.  

If you want to do just a dinner or a different movie you can use this printable instead.

I hope you enjoy this fun family night.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thing 1 & 2 hats

Last year we made these cute hats for Dr. Seuss's birthday.  I found the idea here and the link to the circle is in the middle of her post.

I printed out 1-3 and let the girls color them.  The older ones had fun using the paper cutter and I helped my 1 year old cut and glue.  Our paper was a little long so we used the "curl with a pencil trick."  It was an easy and fun activity.

Thing 3 was not in the mood for pictures :) 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016 Visiting Teaching handouts

I love this months lesson! (found here) It is a beautiful reminder of who we are and of our potential.  I created two prints for you to share with the sisters you visit or use in your own home.  I think this message is so important I'm going to print and frame one for my daughters' bedroom.  Its something I never want the to forget.

Click on the image the copy and paste to a word document or save to you computer and print it from your favorite place.  They are formatted as a 4x6 print.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seattle Seahawks Valentine Cards

My daughter wanted Seahawk cards to give to her class this year.  I made these for her to pass out with a little bag of skittles.  Easy and cute!

You are welcome to use these for your little hawks fan.  Save to your computer or Copy and paste in a word document and print on cardstock.  They are sized 3"x3" and you can fit 6 on a page.  Happy Valentine's day!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine's day countdown & bonus printable

My kids love countdowns and holidays.  This year we are doing 14 days of Valentine's fun!  Each day they can pick a number and we will do the activity on the back.  There are a couple that do need to be done on a certain day like our Valentine's dinner and party.  I've shared the list of activities we are going to be doing, how to make your own frame, and a printable to make your own.     
Also I had a little room on the last page so I made a bonus printable as well (fits a 4x6 frame).  

First up our list of activities- you can write them on the back of your cards or keep a master list that corresponds with the numbers.  That's what I like to do in case I need to switch up an activity one day. 

1. family movie night
2. Read Valentine books
3.  Make cards for class and family
4. Decorate sugar cookies
5. Friend Party
6. Special family dinner
9. bingo or game
12. make Valentine oreos

For the frame I used an old 16x20 that didn't have glass.  It was previously painted black and needed some love.  

I painted the frame white and sanded it down with my electric sander.

I attached some rope with hot glue to the back.  I did 4 rows evenly spaced.

Print out the 3 printables below (I used plain printer paper).  Cut and attach to rope with clothes pins.  If you want to go across instead of down you will want to use small clothes pins.  The large ones are too heavy and will flop forward.   To print the pages below: click on the image and save to your computer or you can copy and paste into a word document and size to your liking. Then print.

What activities are you going to add?

 Did you see the bonus printable?  Its on the 3rd page.  

 I love it on my shelf/fake mantle.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Learning day

One of my goals this year is to be more present in my children's life.  I want a big part of that to be teaching them about the world around us, history, science, life skills, and whatever they show an interest in.   Today we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  It was really amazing to see how much my girls loved the activities and how quickly they understood the concept I was trying to teach them.

We started with 2 bags.  I asked them which one they would choose. (idea came from here) My 10 and 7 year old choose the pink one and my 2 year old picked the brown one.
 We dumped them out and both had a bag of popcorn inside.
 It was a great way to introduce them to the idea that we all look different on the outside but we are all the same on the inside.  We did talk about the color of our skin but included some people are tall, some wear glasses, some have brown hair, or blue eyes.  It was really awesome to hear their thoughts.

Next we read this cute story and made the craft that went with it.  (you can find it here for free)

We finished up by watching this cute youtube video.  Have you watched any of the kid president videos?  I love him and this one is perfect!
We filled in our "I have a dream" printable together that I posted earlier today.  You can find it here.

 (everyone will treat people the way we want to be treated)

My 2 year old kept saying "to watch Mickey" so we added that as well.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to sharing more of our learning adventures this year.

I have a Dream Printable

Today I am going to talk to my kids about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream for a better world.  
We are going to use this printable I created to write some of our dreams and hopes.  You are welcome print it.  Right click and save to your computer or copy and paste to a word document to print.

I'll be posting our other activities and our finished "dream" page later today.

Little Reminders

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