Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home ideas from pinterest

I'm so excited we are going to start building our house in the next couple of weeks so I've had decorating ideas floating through my head.  Here are a few ideas I really like (click on the picture to take you to the link).
for the mud/laundry room

Girls' Room

Master Bedroom


Master Bath



Laura Duce said...

For the trees on the wall pottery barn kids catalogs have really cute 3d fabric flowers and butterflies they put on their trees. I'm going to do that next time, they're really cute. I did 3d fabric flowers on Grace's wall by her pictures but I think they're really cute on the tree too.

Kepa Faleta said...

LOVE Pinterest! :) These are awesome decorating ideas for the home, thank you for sharing these! :)

Kimber and Erik said...

Crysti- We basically have the exact same style!! I love the bright colors! The yellow, the bright colors in a girls room and living area, and then the elegant black and white in the master room! I'm so excited to see what your house is going to look like!!

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