Monday, January 31, 2011

S is for Snowman-Mommy School

I mentioned a while ago I am going to start posting our preschool activities over here because 3 blogs were just to much.  I think it was perfect timing because this was my first theme with Olivia.  The plan is one post per theme and hopefully every week (some themes may take a little longer).  We still have a lot more activities to do with this theme but with both girls sick we had to take a little break last week.  I didn't want to wait to post these so you'll see more snowman activities later. 
S Snowman-each theme is decided by the letter we are studying for the week.  We always do a letter craft project.  Draw an S and cut out a hat and nose.  Livy glued on hat, nose, and buttons.  I helped her with the face and she colored her snowman.  Great cutting practice for older kids.
Snowman Matching game-I found 10 different snowmen (search for snowman clipart).  Copy and paste into a word document.  Size and print out 2 copies on cardstock for durability. Cut apart.
S is for snowman coloring page
Cutting practice-we are just learning to cut on a line so I drew some different patterns for her to follow.  This was a little too advanced.

Marshmallows Snowman- Take three large marshmallows and stick pretzels.  Stick a pretzel to the top of one marshmallow.  Slide another marshmallow all the way through and add one to the top.  You should have 3 marshmallows on one pretzel stick.  break a pretzel in half and add it for the arms.  As you can see Aubrey love this activity but didn't stop at a snowman she created a huge "spider machine."  Livy didn't really get it she was too busy eating her marshmallows.
Do you have any fun snowman or snow activities?  Looking for more preschool ideas you can see our past activities and themes here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fat Quarter Pillow

This pillow from House of Smiths has been on my list for a while and I finally got to it!  I love the simplicity and the fact that it doesn't take much fabric.  Also I have a slight addiction to fat quarters.  I changed mine just a little so I thought I'd show you how I made mine.

You need:
A fat quarter or whatever size fabric you want
Scraps for flowers
needle and thread
Sewing machine and supplies
filling for you pillow

*If you don't have a fat quarter of fabric (or if you are like me and even though you have an addiction you still can't find the fabric you want) cut your fabric to size.  I traced a different fat quarter to find the size I wanted.

Lay your fabric flat and fold in half (so short sides touch) right sides together.

Pin and sew along edges leaving a hole large enough to flip.  Then pull your fabric through.  Set aside.

I made my flowers so they would fray. 
1. Cut 3 long pieces of fabric width and height vary depending on how big you want your flower.  Mine were 2"x24" for the large flower and 1.5x16 for the 2 small flowers. 
2. Set your stitch to the longest setting (mine is a 5) and sew along one long side.  Back stitch at the beginning but NOT at the end. 
3. Pull one piece of thread so it gathers.  Your flower will start to coil.  Gather and wrap until you get the look you want. 

4. Now you can sew it so it will stay and sew it to your pillow OR you can be lazy like me and just hot glue it.  (If it is going to be washed I recommend sewing it on).

*If you don't want your flowers to fray you will need to cut your fabric twice as wide.  Fold your fabric in half (long edges together and right sides together).  Sew along 2 edges Pull fabric through so its right side out.  Continue with step 2 above.

Now that your flowers are attached to your pillow you need to stuff it.  Grab your needle and thread and sew the opening closed.
I love this fabric.  It has a really pretty texture to it.  I found it in a thrift store, 1/2 yard for 30 cents!
It would be so cute with different colors and fabric.  Its so quick and easy you could make one for every room in the house.

So Cute Sunday

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.  What projects are you lovin'?
First up is the etsy shop Creations by Kara.  She has so many beautiful items from hair clippies, baby items, to home decor.  Also they are trying to adopt a baby girl so all sells help towards that expense.  What a great cause.  Here are some of my favorite products.

Here are a few fun projects:
Did you see the G, PG, and PG-13 cookies from How Does She?  I seriously laughed out loud and and trying to figure if I could pull these off.  Here are the G rated but go check out the others they are pretty funny.

Sister's Stuff shared her organization family book.  I have something like this but was wondering how to make it more efficient.  I think this is the answer.

Have a great Sunday!  Don't forget to link up to this weeks challenge and feature Friday.  I have my challenge project done just need to post it.  Hopefully later today:)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Window Shopping

I did a little browsing today and my wish list sure grew!  Here are some items I love!
Fabric and patterns from SkyeReves fabric

Pattern from Mama Stellato

Baby gift ideas from The Hahn Shop

A few things for Livy's birthday from Made on Fifth Street

Gorgeous necklace from Kitty Cats and Airplanes
Guess What?  All of these beautiful items are from some of my fabulous sponsors!  Make sure you check them out.  Also Tuesday is the last day to get one month free of advertising.  Find out more details here.

Scrapbook Saturday:Titles and Journaling

I don't think its a secret that I love pictures.  One thing I would like to do better is adding a title and jounaling so I would love your tips!  Here are a few I tried this week.

Use a quote or a book title for your title or journaling.  I used the title of one of our favorite children's book for my layout showing how much my crazy little girls love each other. 

An easy way to come up with a title is to use the name of the event such as At the zoo, A walk in the park, or like mine New Years Kiss.  Its an easy way to combine important journaling and a title in one.  Really great if you don't have much space for journaling.

 Letter writing Jounaling style.  I have this picture from my sister's wedding.  I love it!  (thank you to whatever photographer took guys are the best).  For my jounaling instead of writing the who, what, where, when like I did on many of the other layouts I did for this event I decided to write a letter to my daughter. 
What's your favorite way to journal and title your pages?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Features and Some complaining

Here are the features from last weeks Feature Friday.  Thank you to everyone that linked up!  Sorry its so late.  I've been to the chiropractor 3 times this week and oh boy am I sore and tired.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I went in for one thing on Monday and after a few x-rays they want me to go in 65 times in 9 months.  I think they are crazy (and that many times is just not going to happen).  Cross your fingers that they can help me out.  Well that's my excuse-I'm tired and sore and just want to sleep because the crazy chiropractor moved my skull back into place (not neck, skull-oh boy that hurt I thought I was going to cry or have my ear ripped off).  Okay thanks for listenting to my complaining and now to the real reason you are here :)

I LOVE Sugar Bee Craft Edition's memo board.  Isn't the color so much fun?!?
Mommy Does Headband is so cute.  The color is gorgeous.  I love all of the headbands and flowers I've been seeing. 
Kitty Cats and Airplane Button Frame.  I love Amie's style and this button frame is so pretty.

Breaking Free From Old Ways made a topiary from a take out box.  Such a great idea.

I'll be back tomorrow with Scrapbook Saturday and my craft project for this weeks challenge. 

Feature Friday Link Up

Welcome to Feature Friday! I am so excited to see what you've been working on.  Sorry no Features from last week yet but hopeful later today.  Its been a little busy and stressful around here so I hope you'll forgive me. 
To join: Link up ANY project you've been working on.  If you have a second Grab my blog button or link back to me to help spread the word.  Visit some other links and leave a comment.

See you in a little bit!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Challenge Announced and some help please

*1 Free month advertising special ends Tuesday.  More details here.*

Update: I added a poll to the sidebar.  If you have a second please vote yes or no on judges for the craft challenge or leave a comment.  Thanks!

The First Monthly Craft Spot challenge will be Valentine's.  Since we will only have 2 weeks instead of a month I thought I would keep it simple.  On February 9th we'll link up.  For the First Challenge there will be a little giveaway involved


Now here's where I need your help:
1. Judges for the challenge or not?  Do you like craft competitions or just keep it as a link up?
2. If it is a contest do you want prizes or does an awesome button work?
3. For the Craft Club we need a name!  Please send me your ideas (if not my hubby will have to come up with one because I'm horrible at stuff like this :)
4. Send me any challenge ideas and projects you would like to make for the craft club.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craft Challenge link up:From your make/do list

Welcome to our last weekly challenge.  After today we are going to only have a challenge once a month.  I would love your input on what you would like to see happen with that, also with the craft club.  (Not sure what I'm talking about look here.)  Here are some highlights from last weeks pattern paper challenge.
Pinkapotamus shared her adorable XO wreath.
Can't stop making things shared her beautiful box.
This weeks theme is a project from your to make/do list. I know we all have a list somewhere of crafts we want to make, projects we want to finish and this week the challenge is to pick one thing from that list and do it!  Are you ready to link up!
To join:
Please link up a post fitting in with this weeks theme
Grab a button from the sidebar and help spread the word
Visit some other links and leave a comment
Link up will be open until Sunday at Midnight

*The First Monthly Craft Challenge and Craft club project will be announced soon*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Wreath

Here's my new wreath made from cardboard and a t-shirt.  It was really simple to make just very time consuming.  I love the end result. 

You need;
  •  some cardboard-mine is the back of a picture frame
  • a t-shirt-I used a men's XXXL but a smaller size will work. Half of the shirt I used went to Aubrey's hero cape
  • hot glue
  • Ribbon for the top
  • Fabric and beads for rosettes (my fabric is a cloth diaper, I bought the wrong kind to make burp cloths)
Start by cutting a heart out of your cardboard
Cut out a ton of squares from your fabric.  I used pretty much what was left of the shirt.  You want them around the same size but they don't have to be perfect.  Mine were about 1 1/2 inch squares. 

 Find the center of your square and fold it diagonal.  Pinch the your square together so you end up with something like the picture below.

 Add a drop of hot glue and and stick the pointy part of your square in it.  Keep adding fabric squares as close as you want all the way around your heart.  The fabric helps hold the one next to it up.
Once you make it all the way around add ribbon to the top and embellish however you want.  I made three rosettes and added beads to the center. 

Hoo Are you Tuesdays

I've missed answering all of the fun questions at Night Owl Craft.  It is such a fun way to get to know other bloggers.  If you haven't joined in you really should because I'd love to get to know you better as well. 


1. Do you wear glasses or contacts, if so for how long?
neither but I think I need some
2. What was your favorite board game as a kid?
I remember playing Sorry a lot
3. What is a word that you use all the time?
I use the word "random" probably way to much.  That and "No"
4. What is your favorite day of the week?
I really like Fridays.  Even though I don't work it is still makes me excited for the weekend.
5. Did you graduate high school from the town you grew up in?
Well I moved when I was 8 so I feel like I grew up there. 

I hope to be back in a little bit with a fun new project.  I'm adding the finishing touches.
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