Monday, December 27, 2010

A first for me!

I was recently (okay a while ago) given a pattern to test from one of my fabulous sponsors, Mama Stellato.  I tested her hoddie pattern and can I tell you I was scared.  I've never sewn clothes before (except for a really simple elastic skirts or dresses with ribbon for sleeves).  The thought of making a real piece of clothing sure was out of my comfort zone.  I started and can I tell you this pattern makes you feel like a pro!  Seriously its easy enough for a beginner but the final result doesn't look like a beginner made it.  In fact two of my friends (that don't really think of me as crafty) were shocked when I told them I made it and it wasn't from the store.  Now that I have raved about the excellent pattern and feeling good about myself here's a little more detail on the pros and cons of this particular pattern.
I loved that it comes in several sizes all the way up to 6T which is what I made.  You would be able to make several of these without them looking the same such as adding a pocket or lengthening it for a dress (doing that for Livy).  I really like the details, it makes it look more professional.  The only thing I didn't like is knit fabric (which its made from) is expensive.  I found mine at Joann's for a pretty good price but there wasn't much to choose from.  Overall I see a lot of hoodies in my girls future. 

This is one of Aubrey's Christmas presents so I had Livy try it on to show you how cute the hood is.  She loved it and was angry when I made her take it off.
Seriously if you are looking for some cute girl clothes patterns and are a beginner to an expert Mama Stellato is a great choice.  Before I even finished this project I bought two more of her adorable dress patterns.


*Andrea* said...

GREAT JOB!! this turned out great!! :)

Ambrosia said...

That is so cute! You did a great job. :)

lotts to do said...

That is very cute. To save on the cost of the fabric, I think this would look very cute with some upcycled t-shirts.

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