Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blog swap and adorable towel hangers

Today I have a fun guest I can't wait for you to meet.  Kati has a fun new blog full of crafty inspiration as well as her adventures in motherhood.  She is so sweet and I know you'll just love her.

First off I just want to say how excited and totally honored I am to be a guest blogger today. I am a fairly new blogger, and even newer crafter and sewer so when I asked Crystal if I could be a guest I honestly thought that she would say no. But to my surprise not only was she happy to let me post, but she was so helpful and sweet. So before I show you a few of my favorite crafts and then a quick tutorial let me say a VERY BIG HELLO TO ALL OF YOU AND AN EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU TO CRYSTAL!!!

Now a quick who I am...My name is Kati and I am from The Multi-Purpose Life I am a mom of two I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter and a hubby, cat and dog. We live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia (where the 2010 Winter Olympics were) and have a townhouse that we just moved into in February... As we moved I started searches on decorating ideas and then I fell in love with blogs... and thought I might just start one...Then for my birthday in May my grandma bought me a sewing machine...So I am learning and loving it. Here are some projects that I have loved!!!

Lady Lane Little and Mama Apron

Personalized Pillows

Dream Plaque Re-Vamp

Camera Cozy Case (also made on for my cell phone)

So now that you have seen some of my crafts or sewing expeditions here is the tutorial for how to make a perfect towel hanger for your kids room... I wanted something unique for my kids rooms and I stumbled across a blog Aly&Ash and she had this great idea. I made one for Joshua's room and one for Peytons: Here is the easy 30 minute craft you all can do.


-Wood frame from Michaels or your local craft store
-Mod Podge
-Sponge Brush
-Scrapbook paper of your liking
-garnishments (a letter, ribbon, Pearls or rhinestones)
-Dresser knob of your choosing from your local hardware store
-An adorable picture of your baby!

Start off by tracing your frame onto your paper

Then cut it out and take the mod podge and place a thin layer all over the front of the frame... I used a thin layer with Joshua's frame and then a thicker layer with Peyton's and it wasn't as nice...I don't have pictures but I was actually disappointed at first and almost started over.

Let it dry

Add a thin layer on top of the paper

Let it dry

Add another thin layer

hmm... and you guessed it let it dry

Then add your letter or pearls or whatever you would like... I chose to mod podge my picture to the cardboard backing but you don't have to.

The last thing that you will do is drill a hole through the frame and place your knob on... I don't have a picture because... OK the truth... my husband moved my craft stuff from the kitchen island to the dinning room table, in that move the screw for my glass knob was lost... I looked all over then in frustration I super glued it to the frame... and it worked like a charm!!! I searched for weeks for the right embellishment, I looked a ribbon or more paper but then stumbled across these pearls and I love it...

Here is Joshua's... He loves soccer but has a red white and blue room...

Thank you so very much for reading please stop on by; I am doing a GIVEAWAY of an Apron as soon as I hit 25 followers.... so hopefully that will be today!


Jessica said...

Kati your story sounds a little bit like mine! I haven't seen many bloggers in Canada (unless they just don't say). But I moved to New Brunswick this past October after getting married (that's where my husband grew up). I also starting searching decor ideas for our little apartment and, what do you know, discovered blogs and fell in love! :) AND started my own too! .. just thought I'd share. Thanks for your project ideas!

Sarah said...

Yay for Canadian bloggers! I'm from Edmonton, Alberta :)

I love your projects and will be following your blog now.


kati said...

Ah Thank you guys!!! Jessica what is funny is I started following your blog last week... with the wink and smiles post!!

YEAH new followers... well looks like I hit 25 so time for a giveaway!

Justine said...

Oh so you're a new sewer!?! I thought you've been sewing for years! Yay that you started sewing! I really like this project. So fun, easy, and the creations are fabulous!


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