Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I'm Lovin'

I didn't have much time this week to look around blogland so my list is a little short.
I'm lovin' not being in the car any more. 10 hours with two little ones is a really long time.
I'm lovin' our portable DVD player
I'm lovin' visiting my family, playing cards, and relaxing!
I'm lovin' all of the post I have for next weeks Sporadic Spotlight! Its going to be so fun.
I love this colors book from Everyday Celebrations. My little ones would love this!
This adorable cardigan made from a long sleeved t-shirt from Shannon Makes Stuff (found through The Creative Crate). I have a few shirts my husband hates that could use this great refashion.
Now I'm off to go eat some more (seriously I am going to gain 10 pounds this week!)

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