Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fingerprints on the Fridge

Next is Rachelle from Fingerprints on the Fridge. I first discovered her blog when she did a guest post and showed off her home. I loved her style and her great DIY projects. We then bonded over our love for Modern Family. I love when she posts because I know its going to be something I will want to try.

Hi lovelies! I'm Rachelle

Today Crystal graciously let me come over and wreck up her blog. Isn't that sweet!? ;) Okay, it's true I begged.

If you're not familiar with me let me introduce myself.

I'm a Mom & Wife with an obsession with decorating, crafting, style and these girls:

Sure they look sweet & innocent, but usually they're running around crazy lookin' like this,

When we aren't rockin' out I can be found somewhere around the house simply fluffing things like:

Sayin' forget you to 400.00 giant cork boards and making my own.

Sometimes I'm adventurous and want to dive into something a little tougher than fluffing. Just this year the Husband and I recently gutted our kitchen & dining room.

Quite a change eh?
You'll see it in the upcoming Summer edition of Kitchen and Bath Makeovers! :)

Then there's my most recent mudroom transformation I took on!

Today, I'd like to share with you our little chore box that we use around the house.

I stumbled upon this idea from a blog I stalk and threw my own spin on it. :)

I used some super cute vinyl from Bitsy Whimsy, my go to vinyl chick. Hands down.
2 (One for each child) plastic boxes with an attached lid from Walmart
1 bag o' buttons.

The idea is that each child gets one button (I've seen tokens used too) for each chore they complete. Sometimes they get them for being nice too! ;)
How to get buttons at our house:

  • Cleaning up after yourself without being asked
  • putting your shoes away
  • hanging up your coat/backpack
  • finishing your dinner
  • putting your dishes in the sink after dinner
  • Playing nicely together
  • sharing without being told to

Sometimes I add things, or say whoever can do this first, gets a button! Little excitement never hurts anyone. :)

Then, once they have enough buttons they can trade them in for:

  • A "just you and me" date with Mom or Dad
  • 1 pc. Candy/ Popsicle/ treat
  • Picking dinner
  • or save 'em up for a little toy at the store.

They look pretty in our little trifle dish huh?

I need to get another bag of them-- I enjoy the look so much! Not to mention they're helping with little 4 year old diva attitudes! :)

Thanks for sticking around for this novel of a post! And, super duper thanks to Crystal for letting me come to visit! She sure is the best isn't she??

I'd love for you to come over and say hello sometime! Or, come over and Feature Yourself on Fridays for my newest Linky party! Can't wait to meet some new faces!


This is such a great idea! My little girls are similar in age and I think this would be so fun to use with them. Thanks Rachelle!


Kaysi said...

I love her style!

Jenna said...

Really cute style!

Amie said...

I am in love with those framed keys. Wow, what a perfect idea!

Cathy said...

I love your mudroom transformation! I wish I had the space to do that.

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