Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ashley Trunnell-fabric headband and a Giveaway!

Next up is Ashley. Her sister-in-law was my roommate in college that married my husbands best friend (yes I set them up). Anyway I was introduced to Ashley about a month ago and fell in love her etsy shop. She has adorable and unique items that I just love. You guys are really going to love her-I mean how cool is the picture of her and her husband.
Hi everyone. I'm excited to be a guest today and share a project tutorial with you! This is quite a change from my own blog because I hardly ever share projects (and I probably just lost all chance of you becoming fans of my blog...). My blog focuses more on my life, a crossroad of sorts. I'm a recent college grad. I graduated with a Masters in Architecture last spring and now work at an architecture firm. My husband is now a full-time student. We've been married a little over two years and share our house with our dog, Trudy. We are in transition mode and trying to find our path in life, which is how our blog was born.
You can listen to my ramblings and adventures (The Trunnell Memoirs) here.
My interests constantly jump from one thing to another. I don't have cable... so I find a lot to do with my time. I just will admit I am kind of a workaholic, except not with my job, but instead with my free time. I never seem to have enough of it to accomplish what I intend to do. This is how I keep my etsy store ( stocked with a random assortment of items. Recently, it seems like all of my friends are pregnant and I started thinking of a homemade baby shower gift. Thus, my next big etsy project was born.
As I've noticed, sometimes you just don't want to take your entire diaper bag out or to the restroom and that's where this bag comes into use. It can hold a travel wipes container, a few diapers and all your other essentials held tightly with an elastic band. It can also be used to store wet clothes in because it's made of laminated cotton and it's WATERPROOF. It's also just a cute cosmetic bag, if you are like me and are baby-less. It will be only my etsy site soon in a variety of patterns for $20.
So finally, on to today's project tutorial. I don't know about you, but I have SO many fabric scraps laying around that I can't bear to just throw away. Here's a way to put them to use. Oh, and I'm definitely not saying this is the best way to do this because I am in no way formally trained. I just end up making up my own patterns and doing what makes sense to me.
What you need:
2 18" x 2" pieces of fabric (different patterns so it can be reversed.
3" piece of 5/8" elastic
bright colored thread
the sewing machine or your choice
Fold over fabric to be 9" wide. Rough in a headband shape with a fabric pencil starting with 2 inches on the folded side and taper down to 1 inch wide.
Pin together and cut. Lay cut fabric on top of other piece of fabric. Match folded edges together. Pin together and cut to get similar shape. Iron edges down 1/4".
Cut 3" or slightly smaller of elastic.
Place ends with finish side together and elastic in between.
Sew together.
Match elastic up similarly to other end. Sew together.
Pin the headband together with the unfinished sides facing each other. Sew close to the edge all the way around.
When you get to the ends, keep needle down, lift foot pedal and swivel to sew the next side and so on.
Two headbands in one.
If you give up or don't get around to making one just hop on over to my etsy. You will find an assortment of patterns available for purchase.
Thanks for having me today!

Everyone loves a giveaway.
There are two reasons I love the following quote: 1. It comes from the most fabulous married designer duo, best known for their AMAZING mid-century modern furniture 2. It reminds me to take what I love seriously.
"Pleasure" can mean your hobbies, your family, your faith, anything you find joy in. It's a good reminder that those things are important in our lives.
This is an 8 x 10 letterpress print done on a Vandercook press. Blue, teal, and black ink on white card stock. The impression from the type is visible on the front and back. It's great for a home office.
If you don't win, there's still a way to get your very own. Check out a variety of these prints in other colors and sizes on my etsy site: You can also check out my Reversible Headband tutorial posted on the Craft Spot Thursday, March 26.
Thanks again for having me!

Isn't she just adorabe and I LOVE that print. I will admit I am a little jealous I can't win.
To enter (Please leave a separate comment for each)
1. Leave a comment
2. Visit Ashley's etsy shop and tell me your favorite item
3. Follow Crystal's Craft Spot
4. Blog about this giveaway.

Giveaway ends Saturday at 3 PM and winner announced shortly after. Good Lucky everyone and Thank you Ashley.
Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win.


Melissa said...

I like the citrus pouch

Melissa said...

What a cute headband!

Melissa said...

Im a follower!

Melanie said...

Oh my, Charles and Ray Eames are the best- I love how Charles put "And Ray" with everything he designed because his wife was such an inspiration to him. That's what I call love! I would love this print!

Amie said...

The link to the etsy shop didn't work for me...

Amie said...

I am a follower. :)

Amie said...

I love that material!

Cathy said...

Cute headband. I'm going to have to look at your etsy shop.

Kaysi said...

I'm a follower!

Kaysi said...

Cute headband! It's great!

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