Monday, October 5, 2009

Easy, Fancy Hair and Hair bow

This is really a very simple hair style and looks very cute. Its Aubrey's birthday so we decided to do special birthday hair.
(Idea is from here her daughter's hair is short so ours is a little different but the idea is basically the same.)

Start with wet hair and divide into three sections. secure top two with rubber bands.
Make a loose ponytail in the bottom section and using a comb (or your finger) gently make a hole twist hair and pull it under the ponytail and up through the hole to make a knot.
Pull it all the way through and it should look like this. Pull the hair from the bottom ponytail up and combine with the second section of hair. Make into a loose ponytail and repeat steps above to make a knot.
Again pull hair from the second ponytail up to combine with the third section of hair and just pull all of it into a messy bun. Aubrey's hair is naturally curly but if your daughter's isn't it would be really cute to curl or you can just pin it in place with bobby pins.
Add a bow if you want and your done! (look at the end of the post to see how I made the bow)
She wouldn't look up at the camera so this is the best front view I have.
and the back.

Easy flower bows- I saw this brilliant idea on Infarrantly Creative a few months ago and love it. You just use fake flowers and stick a brad through the middle. Then pull the prongs of the brad through the top of your alligator clip to keep it from falling off. Finished! It will stay secure while your little one is wearing it but you can easily remove it and switch out the flowers or the brad to create a new bow in seconds.


Michelle said...

Very cute!!!

Michelle said...

Way cute bow idea! I love things that look hard but are really easy!

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