Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big project revealed

For the last several months I have been working on painting all of my bedroom furniture. That would be a bed, two large dressers (one with a mirror), and a night stand. I still haven't finished the bed-We've had a lot of rain. Also I still need to by new handles (I didn't realize how expensive they are so it may be a while). They are all the yucky laminate plywood furniture so it made painting and sanding ALL BY HAND a lot of work. Here are some before shots so you can see the lovely condition our room has been in for over 5 years.

The nightstand-
The tall dresser-missing handles, and the top was just as bad as the nightstand. I just realized I never took a before picture of the long dresser with the big hutch and mirror on top. Lets just say I was ready to throw out the hutch because it was ugly and really outdated and I was convinced paint wouldn't help it. Scott convinced me to try and I am so happy I did-It is my favorite piece. The long dresser also was in the worst shape-not only were there chips in the laminate like the other two but a lot of this one was all crackly (is that a word?). It looked horrible even after I painted it. But with the help of my dad and his great ideas we fixed it and it looks awesome.
I am planning a post soon with the painting process and a few tricks I learned a long the way.
Now that you have seen my hideous furniture I am excited to announce that this weeks challenge at Somewhat Simple was a bedroom I thought this would be a perfect time to unveil my new and improved furniture along with a few other fun projects. Remember each room you must do the three D's...Declutter, Deep clean, and Decorate.

Before-Our room is the only bedroom on the main floor so it has become a dumping ground. Lovely isn't it.
I asked Scott what he thought would make a difference and he mentioned my nightstand didn't look to great (yeah its a folding tray). I didn't like all of the empty walls and we haven't had our bedspread on in a few months.
Also we have a huge window with that ugly curtain rod that makes the entire room feel blah. (oh there's a peek at my furniture).
Declutter and Deep clean- I cleared out all of the extra stuff from our room. (All of the boxes, the junk, and toys). No more piles! I also dusted all of the furniture.

Decorate-I brought our bedspread back. I brought up this lamp/table from downstairs and altered the shade a bit (tutorial next week). I have my wall art hanging (found here). I love my hanging pictures (found here). The shelf still needs a little help and I need to paint my bed.
The nightstand-Doesn't it look so much better?
I made some curtains! (tutorial next week) and there is the tall dresser.
And my long dresser with the hutch that I just brought in last night. I love it! Also this large frame is one of my favorites (found here). I love that it displays so many large pictures of my girls.
There you go-a nice clean updated bedroom. I realize I still have a lot I can do in here (that makes me excited) but for now I am happy. I am also for all of the projects I have to share next week!


Rachelle said...

Looks so nice now! I love how a coat of paint can really tie things together!


Becky said...

Ahh the bedroom, my furniture is dented and ugly, but it really is the last thing I am thinking of right now. I love what you did and one day I will be like you!!! : )

Michelle said...

This looks amazing! Bless you black paint! I would paint my bedroom furniture if I had any. ;) Someday i will be a real adult with a bedroom set.

Laura Duce said...

Good job! I'm glad you finally did it.

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

That looks SO. Stinkin. Good. Holy cow! I want to be like you someday!!!

Han*Gaert said...

Wow Crystal. That really makes me excited because I have seriously UGLY dressers! One actually used to be a beauty but I've had it since like 3rd grade and it has been passed down to the kid's room. Lucky them, right?! HAHA! Anyway it definitly has lost some handles and is pretty scratched up. Reading your blog has given me hope since I'm a "bored" stay at home mom. LOL! "Bored" is quoted because I feel like all I do is clean and don't have time to craft ... but this is cleaning AND crafting! :)


Melanie said...

That looks awesome! I have been working on my bedroom for some time as well and should be done next week after I get some curtain rods. I totally don't care about the rest of our apartment... I just need a decorated place to get away!

Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Looks great!! And I recognized your canvas project in there...

Alicia said...

Crystal it looks amazing! You are so talented, woman. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Cathy said...

I love, love, love the furniture painted black. Looks awesome!

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